Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ways To Read Your Cat's Mind Part 2.....

The Eyes Have It..
Look into your cat's eyes and you can tell a lot about their state of mind.
The direction of your cat's gaze will direct you to the subject of their attention, but gazes vary.
Some are intense and focus while others are haphazard. When your cat stares without blinking, do they want something from you, or are they feeling hostility?
Either could be true.
Although a fixed gaze and rigid body posture might mean hostility the same look might be soliciting petting or some other form of attention in a relaxed, purring cat.
Another fairly definite eye sign relate to pupil size. If your cat's pupils are constricted and sit=like. their mod is probably ambient,m bordering on vegetative.
Or perhaps it is predatory. However, if your cat's pupils become fully dilated in broad daylight appearing as large black pools, they either are in pain or ready to fight or run away.
Increased pupil size is not intended to intimidate other cats or people but rather to allow more light into the eyes. Cat's pupis are always large at night but veterinarians learn very quickly to beware when a cat's pupils are fully dilated in a brightly lit examination room.
The degree of opening of the eyelids can tell a tale too.
Wide-open eyes correlate with alertness and increased levels of metal activity-ready for action if you will.
Semi-closed or fluttering eyes means that the cat is in a more dozy complacent mood or may be in the mood for a nap.
So if your cat's eyelids flutter and periodically close while the are looking at you, it is a sign of faith or trust.
Even if they are on the brink of falling asleep at the time, squinting at you is still a compliant because your pet is showing that they are comfortable and trusting enough to take a nap in your presence.

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