Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tip Of The Month...

Never let your small breed jump off furniture.

This habit can lead to broken bones and joint problems.

It they must be on the furniture, consider purchasing stairs or a ramp for easy,
safe access.

Top 10 Dog Beaches

Del Mar Dog Beach, Del Mar California
Double Bluff Beach, Whidbey Island, Freeland, Washington
Fort De Soto Park - St Petersburg, Florida
Jekyll Island Beach - Jekyll Island , Georgia
Montrose Dog Beach - Chicago, Illinois
Rosie's Dog Beach - Long Beach California
Topsail Beach - North Carolina
Nags Head Beach - Nags Head, North Carolina
Warren Dunes State Park - Sawyer, Michigan
Wildwood Dog Beach - Wildwood, New Jersey 

Don't Steal Your Dog's Sunshine

Take these measures to help ensure your pet enjoys the summer fun without a trip to the vet.

Prevent overheating, let your dog rest inside or in the shade.  Hydrate, make sure your friend has access to fresh water.  Stop stress, give your dog a breaks from a busy party.

Protect their feet from the hot pavement.

Share your plain hot dog only if you know your dog can have a few bites without getting sick and is not prone to pancreatitis.  No Matter what moderation is the key.  

Do not walk your dog on black pavement on a very hot day.
Do not feed greasy table food like chips and pizza.  Or leave the grill unattended.