Friday, October 22, 2010

October Black Cat Month......

While October maybe the favorite month for thousand of humans, cats partially Black Cats, have little cause for celebration this month....
Black Cats have taken a bad rap and then some throughout history.
In the 21st century in Europe and the United States, black cats signify bad luck.
While in England your luck is said to turn good if a black cat crosses your path.
In addition on Halloween night you will be wise to keep your cats locked inside an interior room in the house, lest they panic and slip out when hobgoblins come to your door.
Even the calmest cat can become upset at endless doorbell ringing and youthful voices shouting "Trick or Treat".
Enjoy your holiday while saving your kitties from unnecessary stress.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Halloween.....

Pets Allowed.. Tips for both tenants and landlords

For many with pets, renting an apartment is more difficult than it should be. It can depend on the market at a given time in a given locale, landlord's past experiences, and the ability of prospective renters to represent themselves and their pets as responsible tenants.
There are benefits to renting to people with animals. Studies show that renters with pets are more likely to stay in pet-friendly apartments for longer periods of time. Being open to tenants with pets widens the poll of potential people to rent the property. Responsible tenants with pets will also likely have a higher level of commitment to the property, the community and the neighborhood. Landlords seeking responsible renters can find that responsible tenants with pets can make great long term residents.
People who have pets and are seeking an apartment can make this process easier by allowing enough time for the search and having documentation about pets, including veterinary records, behavior classes, and any other information to demonstrate responsible pet guardianship. Some people will have letters of recommendation from past landlords available (with phone numbers) and offer to pay the full legally allowed security deposit for damage. Offering to introduce your animals(s) to a prospective landlord can be helpful. some people also have had success working with Realtors who advertise as pet friendly and looking in sections of a city that are know to be welcoming to pets. When you do land a rental be sure to live up to the standard as a highly responsible tenant.
The Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC) has more information for both landlords and renters at (click on Resources). This includes model guidelines and agreements, checklists and other valuable tools.

Be Well!! 10 Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy...

We love our pet. so of course, e want to give them everything they need to live long and happy lives. The following is a list to keep your pet in tiptop shape.
1. Spay or Neuter: These procedures may help prevent breast cancer and uterine infections in female cats and dogs as well as decrease the chances for prostate disease and hernia in Male cats and dogs.
2. Vaccinate: This is important for all pets and yes, that means indoor cats, too!!
3. Vet Visits: Even if your pet is healthy, it is a good idea to bring them in for regular checkups. Preventative care is the best line of defense against the onset of serious diseases.
4. Exercise, Exercise!!! Wheter you have baby pets, adult pets or senior pets, keep your animals moving. Exercise stimulates blood flow and helps keep muscles and joints flexible and strong.
5. Fee Your Dog Dog Food And Feed Your Cat Cat Food!! There is a good reason why pet food companies create recipes targeted specifically for canines and felines. They have different needs and dietary considerations, and could become very ill by eating the wrong food.
6. Add supplements: They often help with specific issues such as joint and muscle pain, as well as promote general health.
7. Microchip: In case your pet gets lost, microchipping will help identify your pet quickly so he/she may be returned to you in a timely fashion.
8. Beware The Elements: Here is a good rule of thumb. If it is too cold or hot for you it is too cold or hot for your pets. Make sure you keep your home at a comfortable temperature and limit all outside activities to a minimum in extreme weather conditions.
9. Especially For The Month Of October!! No Candy!! Halloween usually means extra sweet treats in the home. They may be tasty for humans, but they are dangerous for pets.
10. Shower Your Pet With Love: A happy affectionate, well adjusted pet makes for a healthy pet.