Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Is Your Cat Peeing on The Bed or Couch?

 Are you dealing with your cat who is peeing on the bed, couch, or somewhere in your home?

A cat peeing on the bed, couch etc. is not purposely being bad nor is the cat seeking revenge.
Cats that urinating in the wrong places should not be punished or be closed up in a separate room or in the basement. There are legitimate reasons for this behavior. Cats peeing on the bed send a message that there is a problem that needs attention immediately.

Your cat peeing on the bed or couch is a sign of a medical problem,
Have your cat examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible.
Many serious medical problems can cause cats to do this.  It could include urinary tract infections, diabetes and arthritis ad well as a host of other painful and serious conditions.

Urinating in high places feels safe to your cat.
They have higher surfaces than the floor and they have a good view.
The elevation is perfect for kittens to identify and escape potential threats and stressor

Cat peeing on the bed indicates issues with the litter box itself.
The cat just does not feel safe using their litter box
If one litter box does not feel right, there needs to be others located throughout your home.
The locations will make the difference between usage and avoidance.
Make sure to provide ample room for your cat when they use the litter box along with scooping once a day.

Inappropriate urination might signal relationship issues.
Mild as well as serious disputes with other cats can cause issues like cat peeing on the bed, chair, couch etc.  Cat fights often occur over status territory and  when  introduced to other cats too quickly in the household.  Dogs can be a source of stress as well.

The situation  needs to be evaluate with new cats introduction. Best at first to be separated and reintroduced gradually to the other resident animals, Most likely you wil have to add more vertical territory - cat trees , shelves and other tall pieces of furniture that the cat's can use.

A cat or kitten often form close attachments with people and other animals..
Sensitive kittens can become anxious when their favorite person is way for an extended period of time, Leave items out with our scent on it around the home like towels, old blankets so they will more relax..