Sunday, March 5, 2017

Action To Reduce Stress In Cats

You can reduce and eliminate anxieties by identifying the triggers and addressing them.  Depending on the circumstances, unhappy kitties who are squabbling may benefit from being reintroduced to each other.  Adding resources such as a tall cat furniture scratchers, toys, litter boxes in areas the kitties will not feel trapped and them maintaining them can also make a difference.

Kitties who have developed anxieties because of household tensions will benefit from a few environmental changes.  Instinctually, cats do whatever they can to avoid stressful situation.  They can be helped by insuring that there are lots of resting areas throughout the home that are conflict free.  Hiding places, such as boxes, tunnels and paper bags with their handles removed can double as stress free safe zones. 

Felines also need elevated places to hang out, such as tall cat furniture and high shelves .  In addition to feeling safe up high, they can observe the activities going on around them.

Household members who become irritated at their cats can stop the harmful cycle of stress by adjusting their responses when the little ones act out.  They should remain calm and not yell or punish the kitties.  Everyone needs to understand that these reactions can elevate stress worsen problems and create others.

Predictability can also help felines cope with stressful situations.

Keep furniture changes to a minimum and feed cats at the same time every day. 

 Additionally, owners need to put aside time every day to play and cuddle with their cats.