Thursday, April 3, 2014

What Is The Ideal Diet For A Pet Rabbit?

The cornerstone of a rabbit's daily diet should be grass, hay and lots of it.  Hay provides the essential
fiber that rabbits and all herbivores need for proper gastrointestinal function and to promote proper dental wear.  High quality grass hay should make up at least 75% of an adult rabbit's diet and should be offered in unlimited amounts.  A lower fiber, higher energy/protein legume hay such as alfalfa is ideal for young pregnant
and lactating pets.

Approximately 20% of a rabbit's diet should come from a measured amount of a complete and uniform fortified food.  One with a proper balance of fiber, carbohydrates, protein and essential micro nutrients such
as vitamins and minerals.  Rabbit owners should choose an age appropriate formula and avoid mixes which allow animals to feed selectively, leading to unbalanced nutritional intake.

Rabbits will additionally appreciate and benefit from small amounts of healthy treats and appropriate greens. Healthy treats made with hay, herbs and freeze-dried fruits and veggies, the higher the fiber and lower the protein carbohydrate level the better.  A small to moderate amount of appropriate greens are great addition to a rabbit's diet as well.  Some good options include romaine, bib and red/green leaf lettuces.

Finally, rabbits should always have unlimited access to clean fresh water from two difference sources, such
as a tip proof bowl and a sipper bottle.

How Does A Wheat-Based Cat Litter Work?

A common misconception cat owners have of natural litter is that is is not as effective at
eliminating odors as clay litters.  Clay litters are just masking the odor while natural litters like Swheat Scoop
completely eliminate the odor.

Swheat Scoop is made from ground wheat, which contains two natural properties (a starch and an enzyme)
that make it a great option for you and your cats.  The manufacturing process exposes the starch of the
grain from the inside of the kernel which makes the product clump, and also exposes enzymes in the kernel,
which react with the enzymes in the cat waste to neutralize each other.

That is how you end up with no odor the natural way.

For anyone wishing to keep a chemical free environment at home.  Swheat Scoop is a brand you can trust to not only keep it chemical free, but odor free as well.  And you can also be assured that it will not
compromise the health of your family and other pets in the house.