Sunday, October 15, 2017

9 Ways Grooming Promotes Better Health...

One of the benefits of regularly grooming your pet is having a good looking and fresh smelling dog.  But more importantly, it can improve wellness and possibly even prevent illness and injuries from occurring or advancing.

1.   Trimmed toenails have less of a chance of breaking.
       In addition to being incredibly painful, broken nails open the door to infection.

2.   Trimmed toenails also prevent abnormal changes to a dog's toes and feet.
      If the feet are not hitting the ground properly, it affects a dog's ability to walk
      and stand.

3.   Mats prevent good airflow to the skin.

      This leads to a buildup of moisture, debris and even parasites and can
      cause skin infections.

4.  Mat free coats allow you to find problems sooner.

     It is easier to see abnormal growths or injuries on a groomed dog.

5.  Groomed bodies and feet keep active breeds moving freely.

     As an example, hunting dogs need unhindered motion in their legs and feet to 
     prevent injuries while retrieving game on land and in water.

6.  Good ear monitoring prevents ear infections.
     Non shedding breeds, such as the Poodles and some terriers, need to have hair
     inside  the ears pulled out to prevent a breeding ground for infection.
     At the same time do not  over clean a dog's ears unless it is needed.   

7.  Cleaned anal glands prevent blockage and infections.

8.  Regular bathing helps dogs and people with allergies.
     You are not just getting them clean, but you are also washing off allergens.   

9.  Regular tooth brushing  helps prevent dental infections.
     Dental infections affect the mouth and major organs, including the heart
     and kidneys. Gently brush your dog's teeth for good oral hygiene.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tip Of The Month...

Never let your small breed jump off furniture.

This habit can lead to broken bones and joint problems.

It they must be on the furniture, consider purchasing stairs or a ramp for easy,
safe access.

Top 10 Dog Beaches

Del Mar Dog Beach, Del Mar California
Double Bluff Beach, Whidbey Island, Freeland, Washington
Fort De Soto Park - St Petersburg, Florida
Jekyll Island Beach - Jekyll Island , Georgia
Montrose Dog Beach - Chicago, Illinois
Rosie's Dog Beach - Long Beach California
Topsail Beach - North Carolina
Nags Head Beach - Nags Head, North Carolina
Warren Dunes State Park - Sawyer, Michigan
Wildwood Dog Beach - Wildwood, New Jersey 

Don't Steal Your Dog's Sunshine

Take these measures to help ensure your pet enjoys the summer fun without a trip to the vet.

Prevent overheating, let your dog rest inside or in the shade.  Hydrate, make sure your friend has access to fresh water.  Stop stress, give your dog a breaks from a busy party.

Protect their feet from the hot pavement.

Share your plain hot dog only if you know your dog can have a few bites without getting sick and is not prone to pancreatitis.  No Matter what moderation is the key.  

Do not walk your dog on black pavement on a very hot day.
Do not feed greasy table food like chips and pizza.  Or leave the grill unattended. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Every Cat Needs Entertainment..

 Cats are curious creatures that love to run, climb, hunt and play.
Providing entertainment and activities for your cat keeps them healthier
and helps reduce unwanted behavior. 

Indoor cats live longer healthier lives but van develop undesirable habits if not given enough exercise and mental stimulation. 

Some undesirable behaviors and medical conditions that can develop from lack of stimulation include scratching inappropriate places, chewing, peeing outside the litter box, aggression and obesity.

Cat toys especially ones with bells, feather, furor pom poms can provide hours of entertainment and some exercise for your kitty. 

Toys to encourage your cat's natural instinct to hunt are also available.
These toys can be filled with a treat or cat food and can be hidden in the house . 
You can also train your cat to chase laser pointers.  Whether your kitty spends most of its time sleeping or begging you to play, providing entertainment for your cat is important for its mental a nd physical health.  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Easter Pets May Not Hold Interest For Long..

Eggs, chocolate and toys are fine fillers for Easter baskets. But when the holidays comes live bunnies and chicks should not be gifts for small children.

Owning a pet is a long term commitment and adoption should for a lifetime.

Rabbits are not particularly cuddly pets, like children are thinking. 
   Allergies are a concern too. 
   Children under the age of 5 really should not be handling or touching chicks
   or ducklings or other live poultry. 
  Rabbits cost more to keep than cats or guniea pigs, rabbits are the third most
  frequently surrounded animal at shelters and the third most euthanized.
  Rabbits can live up to 14 years and need regular specialized veterinary care.
  Children will lose interest after only a few weeks.

  Instead of giving a live animal, parents can consider giving a plush bunnies, books
  about animals or chocolate rabbits.

  It is very important to understand the commitment that you are making.  And to
  take precautions.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How To Improve Your Cat's Happiness

Cat Spaces, it is in the climb.  Cat's naturally desire high places they can reach by climbing, as vertical spaces, facilitates adventure as well as safety and security. 
Your cat's opinion of its environment can be elevated by facilitating this
vertical space via cat trees, as well as by implementing creative shelf and furniture arrangements.  Older cats that enjoy having the sun warm their bones may appreciate a sturdy, soft perch to nap on by a window.

Providing these spaces expands both the physical environment for your cat and their overall happiness and sense of security.  Cats without this type if climbing enrichment may go ahead and create their own by jumping on the kitchen tables and counters.  It is important to realize that this is not just acting out and it is a natural instinct that absolutely needs a healthy outlet.  Tree furniture usually also has bark or carpet material for your cat to scratch up.  Another must have as an outlet to express their normal behavior. 

                                Tips When Bathing Your Dog In Between The Grooming Salon

Avoid using full strength dog shampoo.  Mix the shampoo with a good amount of water.  Wash twice and rinse your dog.  Not rinsing your dog thoroughly is a mistake people make whey their are bathing their dog at home.

If you do not rinse the dog become itchy due to the remains of the shampoo let on the skin.

Always use a dog conditioner, then rinse thoroughly again.
This will prevent dryness.

For dogs with hair blow dry. It helps prevent matting.

Use a metal comb. 
It is your best tool for finding and fixing tangles in your dog's coat. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

9 Ways Grooming Promotes Better Health

1. Trimmed toenails have less of a chance of breaking.  In addition to being incredibly painful, broken nails open the door to infection.  Most cases of broken nails require veterinary attention.

2.  Trimmed toenails also prevent abnormal changes to a dog's toes and feet.  If the feet are not hitting the ground properly it affects a dogs ability to walk and stand.  Anytime a dog is not moving easily and comfortably it can lead to lameness and inflammation from arthritis.  Excessively long nails also tend to curve and grow back into a dog's foot pads.

3.  Mats prevent good airflow to the skin.  This leads to a buildup of moisture, debris, and even parasites and can cause skin infections.  Especially near a dog's bottom if waste matter builds up. 

4. Mat free coats allow you to find problems sooner.  It is easier to see abnormal growths or injuries on a groomed dog.  Grooming may not prevent an injury, bit it might show the owner something is wrong so it can be medially addressed before it gets bad.  

5.  Groomed bodes and feet keep active breed moving freely.  As an example, hunting dogs need unhindered motion in their legs and feet to prevent injuries while retrieving game on land and in water.

6.  Good ear monitoring prevents ear infections.  Non shedding breeds, such as Poodles, and some terriers, need to have hair inside the ears pulled out to prevent a breeding ground for infection.  At the same time, do not over clean a dog's ears unless it is needed.

7.  Cleared anal glands prevent blockage and infections.  Smaller dogs tend to require regular anal gland expression by a groomer or veterinarian.  Larger active dogs do  not usually need it.

8.  Regular bathing helps dogs and people with allergies.  You are not just getting them clean, but  you are washing off allergens.   Some dogs develop hot spots or other allergy-related skin problems no matter way you do, but regular bathing helps lower a dog's allergen burden.

9.  Regular tooth brushing helps prevent dental infections.  Dental infections affect the mouth and major organs including heart and kidneys.  Gently brush your dog's teeth for good oral hygiene.


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Action To Reduce Stress In Cats

You can reduce and eliminate anxieties by identifying the triggers and addressing them.  Depending on the circumstances, unhappy kitties who are squabbling may benefit from being reintroduced to each other.  Adding resources such as a tall cat furniture scratchers, toys, litter boxes in areas the kitties will not feel trapped and them maintaining them can also make a difference.

Kitties who have developed anxieties because of household tensions will benefit from a few environmental changes.  Instinctually, cats do whatever they can to avoid stressful situation.  They can be helped by insuring that there are lots of resting areas throughout the home that are conflict free.  Hiding places, such as boxes, tunnels and paper bags with their handles removed can double as stress free safe zones. 

Felines also need elevated places to hang out, such as tall cat furniture and high shelves .  In addition to feeling safe up high, they can observe the activities going on around them.

Household members who become irritated at their cats can stop the harmful cycle of stress by adjusting their responses when the little ones act out.  They should remain calm and not yell or punish the kitties.  Everyone needs to understand that these reactions can elevate stress worsen problems and create others.

Predictability can also help felines cope with stressful situations.

Keep furniture changes to a minimum and feed cats at the same time every day. 

 Additionally, owners need to put aside time every day to play and cuddle with their cats.

Friday, January 20, 2017

                                                             \          Best Wishes for 2017

January is the traditional month of resolutions.

We are all making plans to be better people and health is a big part of the equation. 

If you are making big changes to focus on your health and well being do not leave your pet out of the conversation.

Schedule Vet Time

When was the last time your pet saw their vet?

Sure  we go to see the vet when something goes wrong. 

But how is the doctor supposed to know what things
look like when everything is OK? 

Wellness visits should be a part of your pet's yearly routine. 

Schedule checkups for all of your four legged loved ones and
dedicate the new year to a new healthy focus.

Weighty Matters

Pet obesity is a serious matter.  You may think your pet looks cute with a few extra pounds but it can really affect its health. 
Everything from joint problems to heart disease to diabetes can be traced back to the scale.

Maintaining a healthy weight can put years on your pet's life.

If you are concerned about your fur baby's weight, start with a trip to the vet. 

Your vet will be able to weight your pet and tell you whether he or she is within the recommended wright for their breed and age. 

If the numbers are high, your vet will give you some direction on how to fight them including a change in diet and exercise routine.