Thursday, April 6, 2017

Easter Pets May Not Hold Interest For Long..

Eggs, chocolate and toys are fine fillers for Easter baskets. But when the holidays comes live bunnies and chicks should not be gifts for small children.

Owning a pet is a long term commitment and adoption should for a lifetime.

Rabbits are not particularly cuddly pets, like children are thinking. 
   Allergies are a concern too. 
   Children under the age of 5 really should not be handling or touching chicks
   or ducklings or other live poultry. 
  Rabbits cost more to keep than cats or guniea pigs, rabbits are the third most
  frequently surrounded animal at shelters and the third most euthanized.
  Rabbits can live up to 14 years and need regular specialized veterinary care.
  Children will lose interest after only a few weeks.

  Instead of giving a live animal, parents can consider giving a plush bunnies, books
  about animals or chocolate rabbits.

  It is very important to understand the commitment that you are making.  And to
  take precautions.

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