Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How To Improve Your Cat's Happiness

Cat Spaces, it is in the climb.  Cat's naturally desire high places they can reach by climbing, as vertical spaces, facilitates adventure as well as safety and security. 
Your cat's opinion of its environment can be elevated by facilitating this
vertical space via cat trees, as well as by implementing creative shelf and furniture arrangements.  Older cats that enjoy having the sun warm their bones may appreciate a sturdy, soft perch to nap on by a window.

Providing these spaces expands both the physical environment for your cat and their overall happiness and sense of security.  Cats without this type if climbing enrichment may go ahead and create their own by jumping on the kitchen tables and counters.  It is important to realize that this is not just acting out and it is a natural instinct that absolutely needs a healthy outlet.  Tree furniture usually also has bark or carpet material for your cat to scratch up.  Another must have as an outlet to express their normal behavior. 

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