Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holidays & More...

Holidays can create special danger for your pets.
Thousands of pets during the holidays become deathly ill.
It is a busy time - a time of much planning, shopping, cooking and baking, rushing to and from parties and get togethers with relatives and friends.
Often times we forget about our little four-legged member of the
family during the rush and many hazards waiting for their curiosity.
New Year's brings in a brand New Year filled with the promise of hope, health, love and joy..
But be alert to any pet hazards such as fun noise makers and confetti which can very easily hurt or seriously threat your pet's senses and well being and health.
Noise makers can frighten your pet causing the pet to bolt out an open door or window or leap to a serious pet hazard area that will cause your pet an unsafely fall etc....
Confetti can be ingested.
Wreaking havoc to the digestive tract...
So please be aware of your pet's surroundings ...

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Cats We Love............

People including my human love cats the creature they adore.

It is hard to resist the cuteness of a little fluffy creature roll up on your knees and purrs for joy.

Anyone who has ever had a cat know how close the relation between human and cat is.

Cats are loving, playful, charming and cute companions.

Also can be one to one demanding like us humans too..

If you love cats and my mum does trust me (she is in my control), you will spend time and then more watching your feline.

Cats have thier own world that is closely bound with us humans, but it does not go around our humans World!! No Way...

Sharing a life with a cat is an honor and a joy and it means to us a grace of its soul and body.

If only you know what to look for....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter Basic For Your Pet

With snow and freezing temperatures coming soon.

It is time to prepare yourselves and your pets for the winter season.

We at Stinky's Kittens & Doggies Too offer these tips to keep your pet safe during the cold weather.

A dog's coat provides some insulation against the cold, but short haired dogs may need a coat or sweater for additional warmth while outside.

Dogs can fall victum to frostbite, just like us humans.

Dogs have to work harder to stay warm when excercising outside.

Increasing there food supply, particulary protein, will keep them and their fur in tip top shape.

Coolant and antifreeze can spill in the garage or on the street and are lethal poisions for dogs and cats.

A dogs paws, legs and stomach should be wiped off when coming in out of the rain, sleet , snow or ice.

Pets belong inside with the rest of the family. Providing a warm place to sleep off of the floor and away from drafts, will keep dogs and cats feeling comfortable during the cold months.

Check out our warm beds at our store for your dog and cat...

Save a pets life mostly cats and kittens during the winter season.

Outdoor cats will climb under the hood of cars for warmth, so please be safe and bang loudly on the car's hood before starting the engine t five any sleeping cats or kittens a chance to vacate.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ms. Stinky Needs Your Pet's Best Photo..

Yes Me Ms. Stinky the One and Only..
The Head Cat..

I would love for you to send my staff and me pictures of your best bud.

We have allot of pictures here at the store and it is time to let go of the old ones and bring in the new fresh furry faces.

Who knows you might be on our blog for while, slide show or even win a small token of our gratitude with a gift.

Either way I just love seeing other cats and pooches along with their humans in pictures.

Send them to me Ms. Stinky at

Deadline is 12/26/2010.

Medication Madness

Drug interactions are sometimes the cause to your pooch's illness.
When Giving Meds: What To Ask For
All medications have side effect. When your dog is prescribed medication, make sure to get all the information on the medication and ask the following questions:
1. What is this medication for?
2. What are the side effect of this medication?
3. Are there any medications or foods that need to be
avoided while my pet is on this medication?
4. What should I look for in my pet to know if there
is a problem?

Question For The Holidays..How Can I Tell If My Cat Is Too Fat??

Well you can do a body test.
Look down at your cat.
You should be able to see a waist when you look down from the top or where you run your hands from its ribs to its hips.
Run your hand along its abdomen from it ribs to its pelvis and it should be indented.
If you put your hands on the side of its chest you should be able to feel its ribs without a thick layer of fat over them.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pets In Need Silent Auction

Pets In Need.
This event will be held on Friday - November 12, from 7-9pm.
Bidding closes at 8:30pm.
Location for this event will be at the George Dilboy VFW Post 529, Davis Square.
Located at 371 Summer Street, Somerville, MA 02144
There will be great items to bid on, music and food.
Best of all, proceeds from the event will benefit the dogs, cats and other pets served by Pets In Need Animal Rescue.
To view a preview of auction items and to get directions to their venue, please visit their website at -
Come out and support a great cause.

Friday, October 22, 2010

October Black Cat Month......

While October maybe the favorite month for thousand of humans, cats partially Black Cats, have little cause for celebration this month....
Black Cats have taken a bad rap and then some throughout history.
In the 21st century in Europe and the United States, black cats signify bad luck.
While in England your luck is said to turn good if a black cat crosses your path.
In addition on Halloween night you will be wise to keep your cats locked inside an interior room in the house, lest they panic and slip out when hobgoblins come to your door.
Even the calmest cat can become upset at endless doorbell ringing and youthful voices shouting "Trick or Treat".
Enjoy your holiday while saving your kitties from unnecessary stress.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Halloween.....

Pets Allowed.. Tips for both tenants and landlords

For many with pets, renting an apartment is more difficult than it should be. It can depend on the market at a given time in a given locale, landlord's past experiences, and the ability of prospective renters to represent themselves and their pets as responsible tenants.
There are benefits to renting to people with animals. Studies show that renters with pets are more likely to stay in pet-friendly apartments for longer periods of time. Being open to tenants with pets widens the poll of potential people to rent the property. Responsible tenants with pets will also likely have a higher level of commitment to the property, the community and the neighborhood. Landlords seeking responsible renters can find that responsible tenants with pets can make great long term residents.
People who have pets and are seeking an apartment can make this process easier by allowing enough time for the search and having documentation about pets, including veterinary records, behavior classes, and any other information to demonstrate responsible pet guardianship. Some people will have letters of recommendation from past landlords available (with phone numbers) and offer to pay the full legally allowed security deposit for damage. Offering to introduce your animals(s) to a prospective landlord can be helpful. some people also have had success working with Realtors who advertise as pet friendly and looking in sections of a city that are know to be welcoming to pets. When you do land a rental be sure to live up to the standard as a highly responsible tenant.
The Massachusetts Animal Coalition (MAC) has more information for both landlords and renters at (click on Resources). This includes model guidelines and agreements, checklists and other valuable tools.

Be Well!! 10 Tips To Keep Your Pet Happy...

We love our pet. so of course, e want to give them everything they need to live long and happy lives. The following is a list to keep your pet in tiptop shape.
1. Spay or Neuter: These procedures may help prevent breast cancer and uterine infections in female cats and dogs as well as decrease the chances for prostate disease and hernia in Male cats and dogs.
2. Vaccinate: This is important for all pets and yes, that means indoor cats, too!!
3. Vet Visits: Even if your pet is healthy, it is a good idea to bring them in for regular checkups. Preventative care is the best line of defense against the onset of serious diseases.
4. Exercise, Exercise!!! Wheter you have baby pets, adult pets or senior pets, keep your animals moving. Exercise stimulates blood flow and helps keep muscles and joints flexible and strong.
5. Fee Your Dog Dog Food And Feed Your Cat Cat Food!! There is a good reason why pet food companies create recipes targeted specifically for canines and felines. They have different needs and dietary considerations, and could become very ill by eating the wrong food.
6. Add supplements: They often help with specific issues such as joint and muscle pain, as well as promote general health.
7. Microchip: In case your pet gets lost, microchipping will help identify your pet quickly so he/she may be returned to you in a timely fashion.
8. Beware The Elements: Here is a good rule of thumb. If it is too cold or hot for you it is too cold or hot for your pets. Make sure you keep your home at a comfortable temperature and limit all outside activities to a minimum in extreme weather conditions.
9. Especially For The Month Of October!! No Candy!! Halloween usually means extra sweet treats in the home. They may be tasty for humans, but they are dangerous for pets.
10. Shower Your Pet With Love: A happy affectionate, well adjusted pet makes for a healthy pet.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Flu That Effects Dogs....

There is a new flu around that only affects dogs.

Talk to your vet to find out if your dog should be vaccinated.

If you have ever had the flu, you know how bad it can make you feel.

And it is no different for dogs.

Over the past several years, dogs in 30 States have been sickened by a new year round dog flu that continues to spread.

It is highly contagious , and virtually every dog is vulnerable to infection.

Fortunately, there is a new canine influenza vaccine available to help protect those loved ones who cannot speak for themselves.

To learn more visit -

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blessing Of The Animals...

Sunday, October 3 @ 10 am
Blessing Of The Animals

In honor of the feast of St.Francis, all animals and creation will be celebrated and blessed this Sunday. Please bring your pets, restrained as if going to the vet. In prior years such exotic pets as ferrets, geckos and a snake have attended, in addition to a menagerie of cats and dogs. Pictures and stuffed animals may also be presented. Holy Communion will also be celebrated at this service.

Christ Episcopal Church
66 Fellsway West, Somerville
(Facing Foss Park, between Broadway & Mystic Ave.)

For more information: 617-628-4519, The Rev. Christopher Fike, Priest.

Christ Church is an open and inclusive congregation affirming all people.
Families and individuals are warmly welcomed and invited to participate in the life and work of our parish: growing in knowledge of God's love for us and sharing it with others in our daily lives.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hit The Web Before You Hit The Road...

Summer is over, but travel season isn't.

Whether your next trip is a dog show, an off-season vacation or home for the
holidays, use to find the most dog-friendly accommodations along the way.

The proud sponsor and official pet travel website of Meet the Breeds, was founded by Amy and Rod Burkert, who created the site using their experience traveling with their dogs, Buster and Ty.

The free service provides users with pet friendly hotels, campgrounds, restaurants, beaches, wineries and dog-parks throughout the United States and Canada.

One particularly handy feature on the site is the Toad Trip Planner.

By inputting your starting and ending locations and estimating how many miles you will travel each day. provides driving destinations and suggest hotels or campgrounds along the route.

Bon Voyage!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time To Unwind, Fall is Here

You know when fall is coming when the air is crisp and the leaves fall off the trees.

What I hate most is that it gets dark at 7 pm and my mum cannot take outto look at the garden. Whay you say too dark and the so many bugs.

So glad she brought my chair in so I can get warm and watch her work on the computer.

We have a mini sale going on at the store so stop on by and check it out, along with new items coming in for the season , plus holiday giftware for kitties like myself.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Labor Day...

Thanks for Choosing Us As #1 Pet Shop In Somerville

We are are so thankful that you have chosen us as Best of Somerville Pet Shop for 2010..

To all of our loyal customers and their furry companions thank you..

Our vision is to give to our community the best quality of food, toys, health information and more.

We are here for you that is our mission..

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Time To Relax Enjoy August's Heatwave...

Go out and enjoy the rest of the summer.
Have some ice cream, smoothie on us.
Take a walk on the beach and enjoy your surroundings.

We will be taking a short break, heading to NYC for Pet Fashion Week and some R & R.

Will be back the end of August to show you what we did in the Big Apple.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Love, Laugh, Smile & Be Free...

With July gone and August coming in like a heat wave.

We pay a tribute to a sister,friend,daughter,Aunt who has join the angles from above.

She will be miss dearly but never forgotten.

Her at work of art, smile and generosity will be surrounded by us forever..

Monday, August 2, 2010

Go Green Streets

Green Streets is an international grassroots organization based in Cambridge, MA, USA that celebrates, promotes and advocates enviromental health and well being for the community.

Click on Somerville Sponsores to recive discounts.
The discounts are the last Friday of each month.

Never doubt that small groups of people can change the world ...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Feeling Free

Child I love this hot weather.
As a cat it is so divine.

Hate the cold it gets so boring looking out and wishing you could escape..

So I went outside today while mum was doing her garden and taking care of the flowers.

She gots so many flowers.

Will have my neighbor Little Harry take some pictures & post them soon.

It was so nice to roll in the dirt and grass.
I felt a little naughty.

I know not lady like but who said I am a lady.
It felt so so good.

The graas was a freshly cut and even, so I waited tell mum had her back turn & took some upstairs.

I do not share so my sister had to get her own and lillte brother well that is another story..

Sat on my window sill watching my human.

Enjoying the pleasures of fresh grass..

Hot Fun In The Summer time

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Mothers Day..

Even though I know my mother is working all the time.
I love her she takes good care of me.
So to all The Mothers Out There

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ms. Stinky ...

Hello Cat Lovers,Love of Living, , Enjoying and Being You and Saying F--k it I am me ..

This Blog is For UUUUUUU

I will be posting what my master and myself and other felines & dominants are doing on the east coast..

From cats, pets, humans,grooming life, less stress , what is going on , what are we thinking , being , go girl , recession - hell been in recession all my life, locs, sex ,gift ware, natural products and more.. From being 40 to 50 plus and dealing with it all...........

Tell Me What Is On Your Mind ... - Peace