Sunday, July 11, 2010

Feeling Free

Child I love this hot weather.
As a cat it is so divine.

Hate the cold it gets so boring looking out and wishing you could escape..

So I went outside today while mum was doing her garden and taking care of the flowers.

She gots so many flowers.

Will have my neighbor Little Harry take some pictures & post them soon.

It was so nice to roll in the dirt and grass.
I felt a little naughty.

I know not lady like but who said I am a lady.
It felt so so good.

The graas was a freshly cut and even, so I waited tell mum had her back turn & took some upstairs.

I do not share so my sister had to get her own and lillte brother well that is another story..

Sat on my window sill watching my human.

Enjoying the pleasures of fresh grass..

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