Thursday, February 20, 2014

10 Reasons We Love Our Pets

Instant stress reliever.   Petting a dog or cat reduces stress. 
 If you are feeling a little anxious, sit with Sophie and share some love. 
 Plus, they always know when you need a hug.

No alarm clock needed.  You do not have to worry about over sleeping.  A paw
in your face or consistent bedroom pacing will ensure you will enjoy sun rises

Exercise buddy.  If you ever to near the leash they are there, tails wagging and 
excitement growing every second.

The best conversation partner.  Pet's do not talk back.Had a bad day? You
can share your troubles with your pets and they will not judge you, try to fix it or interfere/  They will just let you share while they listen.

You do not have to get dressed up.  Your pets do not require your best  clothes, 
full makeup and a trip o the hair stylist.  They love you in your ratty sweater and
that sweater with the hold in it.

Stay present.  pets do not worry about yesterday, or tomorrow, they live in the 
moment.. It is a skill us humans could all benefit from practicing.

Simple needs.  Aside from wanting to eat lots of tasty healthy food, cats and
dogs do not require expensive gadgets to keep them happy.  An empty box or
old toy will do.

Keep you entertain.  There is a reason.  The internet is populated with 
photos of cats and dogs.  They are always doing something adorable and fun.  Whether  your cat chases his or her tail while running through the house or your do stops  you in your tracks with that guilty look like it is hard to resist their charm.

Do not require Taxi Service.  They do not miss the bus and don't need  a ride
to soccer practice. Instead you two go on rides for fun.

Unconditional love.  The final reason we love our pets.  We know we can count
on them to love us without question.