Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Cats We Love............

People including my human love cats the creature they adore.

It is hard to resist the cuteness of a little fluffy creature roll up on your knees and purrs for joy.

Anyone who has ever had a cat know how close the relation between human and cat is.

Cats are loving, playful, charming and cute companions.

Also can be one to one demanding like us humans too..

If you love cats and my mum does trust me (she is in my control), you will spend time and then more watching your feline.

Cats have thier own world that is closely bound with us humans, but it does not go around our humans World!! No Way...

Sharing a life with a cat is an honor and a joy and it means to us a grace of its soul and body.

If only you know what to look for....

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