Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Head & Body Position Of Your Feline...

A cat on the offensive often walks directly toward the subject of his or her angst with their head heald low and moving slowly from side to side, with thier eyes fixed on their target.
When in this mode , your cat will swivel their ears sideways and their body will appear wedge-shaped as thier rear legs stiffen. Watch out for this cat: it means business.
When your cat is on the defensive, they will hunker down while backing up and lean away from the threat.
Their head is sometimes deflected to one side giving the appearance of a sideways glance and they will vocaloze (hiss,. growl or shriek).
Other signs of defensive aggression include extension of claws in readienss for a fight, and pilorection (hair raised) - making them appear larger and thus more fearsome
A cat in this posture is less likely to attack than retreat beacause they are afraid.

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