Monday, December 23, 2013

Foot Care

Caring for your pet's feet is crucial in the winter.  
Your pets need fresh air and exercise, but when they are outside, they may be exposed to sidewalk de-icing chemicals that can be very irritating to their paws.  

It is a good idea to clean their feet with a wet wipe after every walk.  

Just using a dry towel is not very effective for removing the chemical residue on your pet's feet. 
If it is not remove, this residue could irritate the pads and if your pet licks his/her feet they may ingest these toxic substances.

Additionally, the hair between your pet's toes and in their pads should be trimmed short. 
This is always done during their grooming appointments at Stinky's Kittens & Doggies Too. 
This helps keep the snow and ice from getting packed in the pads and causing problems.

Nail care is very important in the winter. 
Many pets are less active in the cold weather and their nails do not wear down as much as they normally would in the warmer months.

Nails that are too long can easily get caught in carpeting or other fabrics and can tear or break off and then they will bleed - sometimes profusely and require immediate veterinary attention.

To be sure that your pet's nails are always the correct  length and have no rough edges, call our salon and schedule a "paw" dicure for them.  

We will be happy to do this between your pet's regular schedule grooming appointments.

Although you might not expect it, you need to continue checking your pet for fleas and ticks during the winter months.

Protecting them from these nasty little critters is a year round necessity.
That is another reason that brushing your pet daily and inspecting his/her skin for abnormalities really contributes to your pet's overall well being and happiness.

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