Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Brush Massage For Cats

Brush Massage is stroking and caressing a cat with a brush instead of your had.  A brush allows you to make a connection without hand contact.  Use a long handled brush.  The brush offers a texture different from your hands.

The cat enjoys the brush, you are connected with the brush and you become likeable.

Please do not underestimate the Brush Massage - it generates amazing responses.

Position your brush near the cat's head and allow him or her a chance to sniff and accept the scent of a new item.  Slowly brush from the base of the whiskers back to the cheek area.  Notice the cat's response, and hopefully their interest.  Repeat the caress a few times for familiarity.  Next slowly caress around the cheek area, being careful to not rub the whiskers backwards.  Keep your motions slow and consistent and follow your cat's response your cat will guide you in what he or she likes.
Adjust to their movements and they may even rub against the brush in appreciation.

If the cat is cooperative, brush their chest fur in a downward motion and caress his or her entire chest area.  Rub up and  down or create a few circles and always remember to keep your speed slow.

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