Tuesday, December 17, 2013

                                                Cold Weather Grooming Tips..

Winter can really be tough on everyone, and that includes your pets.  The harsh old weather, the irritating sidewalk de-icing chemicals, the dry indoor air and more, all can take a toll on your pet's skin, hair and feet.  Some people think that because it is colder outside they should not get their pets groomed as often as they d in the summer.  Actually your pets need for professional grooming may increase in the winter and here is why. 

There are some things that you must consider if you want our pet to have a longer hair style during the colder months. A pet with longer hair will require more maintenance grooming on your part and you may need to schedule his or her grooming appointments more frequently to keep the hair from becoming tangled and out of control.

If you put a coat , sweater or even a harness on your pet it can rub against  the hair and cause friction.  The hair must be kept tangle free or mats will begin to form.  This can lead to extreme discomfort for the pet, causing the pet to rub and scratch and possibly cause sores or hotspots on their skin.  That is why daily at home brushing is so important.  Brushing keeps he hair tangle free and helps distribute the natural oils that are in your pets coat.  It also helps remove the dead skin cells and promotes healthy skin.

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