Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Miss My Mum All Day today...

So lost all day last night and this afternoon.
Thought my mum was cat-nip..
I call her on my cell no answer even text no answer.
Finally she return my calls this morning.
She could not get out of New York City , due to the winter watch in CT.
Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, stop all buses from leaving at 5 pm..
No buses after 5 pm.
She went to Penn Station to get a train, none until the morning.
First train out 6 am today, no place for mummy s she stayed at Penn Station.
So no hotel insight that was reasonable in that area .
So she stay over night at Penn Station..
What a brave mum with all those crazy people around her
I kept her spirits up and made her laugh while she waited for the train.
She came home today my prays were answered.
I told my Dad to pick her up at South Station were Amtrak is located.
He did this afternoon.
My prayers were answered Meow!!
Poor mum all night and most of the morning hanging on a bench with others waiting for a train.
Hope this does not happen to her again - I so miss her..

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