Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Keeping Your Cat Warm In Winter..

If you are trying to keep your cat warm in the winter time there are several easy ways you can do that.
Depending on whether or not your cat is a indoor cat or if the cat spends part or all of its time outside, your options for keeping them warm will vary.
Indoor cats have a reputation for loving those nice warm spots, like the sunny spot on the couch in the afternoon.
They also like to find warm place like your face when your are sleeping, or snuggling up next to the computer which generates a lot of heat. Keeping a cat warm in winter time indoors is not very difficult.
Generally any temperature that is comfortable enough for a person will be completely fine, for cat. The do, after all, have a fur coat.
They can withstand temperatures much lower than we can, and for much longer period of time.
It just so happens that they really prefer warm spots, but that extra warmth is not a necessity for their health.
When it comes to cats who spend their time outdoors, however you may want to provide a special place to allow them to warm up in really cold temperatures. Again due to their fur, they can withstand temperature that are many degrees colder than we are able to tolerate.
Any sung place that is up off the ground and has any drafts blocked will allow a cat to stay warm simply from its own body heat.
There are products available which owner can use to keep their outdoor cats warm, such as electric heaters, thick insulated bags in which the cat can snuggle, or specially designed igloos, which are designed to reflect the cats heat back toward their body.
These products may be unnecessary, but sometimes the peace of mind that it gives the owner is worth the price.

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