Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Caring For Pet Rats....

Caring For Pet Rats

When owners know some fundamentals rats are not especially difficult to keep mental and physically healthy.

House rats in an aquarium (at least 10 gallon) with a mesh lid.
Alternately keep them in a wire mesh cage with half-inch by half-inch spacing.
Rats can break their legs on wider spaced barks.

Never use cedar or pine shavings as bedding as they are toxic to rats.
Use hardwood shavings paper products, pelleted bedding or sanitary bedding and change it energy three to five days.
Feed a diet of laboratory pellets (lab block).
Occasional treats of wheat bread, fruit,vegetables and pasta are acceptable.
Go light on oil seeds, nuts and grains.
Do not keep individual rats in solitary cages.
Provide toys and activities in the cage.
Watch pet rats closely for respiratory disease.
Persistent sneezing is a symptom of respiratory illness.
Trigger a visit to the vet as soon as possible.
Rats are social animals.
Experts recommend owners keep more than one at a time.
Most rats should be able to live together without a problem, although adult males sometimes display aggressive behavior to unfamiliar adult male rats.

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