Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Jet Set Pets

It is getting easier to vacation with your fur baby.
When it come to flying, airline policies on pets in the cabin vary, but American Airlines and Delta Air Lines allow dogs or cats. (Delta also allows birds) to fly in carriers that can fit under the seat.
The fee is $125 each way on domestic flights.  International travel gets complicated.
Southwest Airlines charges $95. Service animals fly free.

Airports that serve more than 10,000 passengers a year are now required to have pet relief areas inside terminals, often small patches of fake grass with a cute red fire hydrant .

When taking Amtrak on most routes, animals that are 20 pounds or less to ride in a pet carrier for $25 if the trip is less than seven hours. 

When dinning, many restaurants are allowing
 dinner to eat with their dogs in outdoor patio areas.  In part thanks to loosening city laws.

When lodging, vacation rentals are a good option for traveling with Fido. About 25 percent of homes listed at Home Away are billed as pet friendly.
Some hotel chains including Red Roof Inn and Kimpton Hotels, welcome pets for free. Other hotels charge a fee but include pet perks.  The Cypress Inn In Carmel , California where your dog can stay for an extra $30 per night, hosts Yappy hour most evenings.  Humans sip wine, pooches eat grilled chicken.

Before setting off, research pet friendly businesses at your destination or at points along the way.
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