Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Role Of Scent...How Cats Create A Scent

Scent plays a huge role in a cat's life.  

Scent is also used by cats to identify each other.
When cats are unfamiliar with each other their scent detects the ability to provide a valuable information about the other cat that left the scent..

It is so fine tuned and detailed, the scent marks will tell the sniffer information such as sex, status sexual availability and age of the car.   

It is  like  the feline version of leaving  a business card.

Respect your cat's sense of smell.

Your cat has a very sensitive nose and there are so many scents in his or her environment.  
Be aware of how invasive certain scents may be such as highly scented litter, room  fresheners, household cleansers, perfumes, etc.  

Also be mindful of how important it si to keep the litter box clean due to your cat's highly sensitve nose.

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