Saturday, February 13, 2016

Scratch That & More

Scratching is normal for cats

Firstly cat people cannot stop their cats from scratching objects.

Cats do this for a number or reasons, all of which are normal feline instincts and behavior. 

Cat's claws grow regularly which makes sense, given the amount of use they receive. 

As the claws grow, cats remove the dead portion of the sheath by scratching them on a rough surface.

Kittens scratch because it is fun and feels good and is a great way for them to explore the  texture of new or even familiar items.

                                Items  Appropriate For Scratching

Post made of sisal fabric.

Sisal is a tough, durable fabric, not dissimilar in texture to tree back. 

Fabric is a better choice than rope because rope can become knotty. 
As the knots untangle, the rope can catch on the cat's claws making the sensation less pleasurable.

Some cats can even damage their claws if they catch them on rope threads.

Scratching posts should be tall enough for a cat to stretch full length and still be able to scratch the post.

The post must be sturdy and not fall over or tilt when the cat attempts to utilize it. 

This means a strong base and proper construction are critical. 

Once you have a few sturdy sisal and scratching post the next step is to get your cat or kitten to use it.

Placement of the post is an important consideration.

Put the post near things that the cat has already scratched. 
If the cat has been scratching furrows in a couch, locating a scratching post next to that couch is worth considering.  

Place a small amount of catnip by the base of the post to make it even more attractive.

Offer praise to encourage your feline to scratch, maybe a treat, whenever the cat uses the post.

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