Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cat Grass....

Even though cats are carnivores, they seem to like  bit of greenery in their daily diet.
We think that cats simply like the taste and texture of crispy crunchy green leaves and stems.

Grass eating is more often found in outdoor cats.  If you have outdoor cats, it is important to be
careful when using fertilizer, weed and pest control products on your lawn area.  This can be
very toxic to your cat.  Many indoor cats will snack on any available greenery as well.
With many common household plants that are toxic.  it is important to screen the plants
in your home.  Avoid keeping plants that are a potential risk and make you offer your cat
an alternative.

The best way to satisfy
your cat's taste for greens is to provide a pot of fresh organic cat grass.
If you want to provide a little variety for your kitty.  There are several types of grass for feeding your cats, oats, wheat, Japanese barnyard millet, bluegrass and rye.

It is so simple to provide your cat(s) with their own mini salad bar.
Cat grass is easy to grow.

We carry a wide range of different cat grass, in pots,  baskets and more. Along with refills.
Stop on by and check it out

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