Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Halloween Part 1

Halloween is that eerily favorite time for children and people who have children at heart.
It is time to get into the spirit of the occasion and dress up to go Tick or Treat.
It can be fun for everyone including your pet.

But Halloween can also be a traumatic and even dangerous time for your pet.

Do not leave pets out in the  backyard on Halloween.
Keep cats and dogs inside your home for the night.
Please remember that black cats are specially vulnerable at this time of year.

Know when to say no!!  Your pet may beg but remember Trick or Treat goodies are not for pets.
Chocolate, especially is poisonous to pets, but other candies can be dangerous as well. 
Hard candies can be hazardous if swallowed.
Tin foil or cellophane wrappers can get stuck in your pet's digestive tract, causing illness or death.

Costumes or not?

You may love to dress in a unique costume, but realize that you are not a dog or cat.  Think things throughly before putting your pet in a Halloween costume.  If you do make sure the cotume is not tight or unsafe for pets.  Be careful not to obstuct their view.

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