Friday, March 11, 2011

Top 10 Cat Names.....

After last weeks depressing weather here, I thought my human staff could us a little something more fun and amusing.
So here goes.
The top Ten names for your cat that my staff has heard of at the store while giving them a day of beauty.
The countdown goes:
#10 Bella
#9 Tigger
#8 Shadow
#7 Smokey
#6 Lucy
#5 Oliver
#4 Chloe
#3 Bella
Drum roll please.. The number one name for cats is......
Meow Really Max? I ask my mother about this she says yes, but me personally living and walking in the city of Somerville.
I cannot think of a single feline that told me there name was Max.
I been good friends with to a Bear, Q, Midnight and Cece.
I also encounter late at night when their is a full moon a Dexter, Tigger, Cat and Smokey.
I personally prefer Jack, Cleopatra, Mr Tibbs or even Kittie...
If you know of a funny or exceptionally appropriate feline name or a unique name (like Meow), please share and send me and email.
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