Monday, February 28, 2011

How Cats Are Just Like Us Humans & Dogs Are Not....

As a cat owner you may be asking yourself several questions pertaining to your cat.
You are not alone!!
We believe that a cat's behavior is just like that of humans.
Where when it comes to dogs behavior is different from humans.
When you make a cat angry, whether it be because you left them for a week, forgot to change their water to make it cold not warm, did not feed them one night, or change the litter box.
They will retaliate right away.
They will get you back one way or another is is the way of the feline.
It is their manner passive aggressive.
One of their favorite actions as a cat is to take a dump on the floor next to their litter box.
Yes yes just inches away from the box.
They know that you are going to have to clean it up and will be cruising as you do it.
Your cat will be lurking somewhere nearby to view your reaction to get the full satisfaction...
Dogs are just happy to be there, unfortunately they will take much abuse and keep coming back for more compared to the feline...

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